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new york steakhouseif you ever tried searching for the best steak house in bangkok, i’m sure you’ve come across new york steakhouse along with several others such as rib room & bar, prime,  and so on. new york steakhouse is located on the second floor of jw marriott hotel (sukhumvit soi 2). at first i was quite hesitant because i wanted somewhere nice for my boyfriend’s birthday; you know with great food and excellent ambiance but this place was lacking in the skyline department. but we still decided to check it out cos of all the positive reviews it had received.

as cnn review states “[it] mimics its Manhattan namesakes in look, atmosphere and menu — and sky-high prices.” well, i can’t say much on that because i’ve never been to manhattan but i gotta say it was indeed loved by many, many expats.

mushroom soup – they kindly asked if i wanted to 50/50 it, which i thought was a nice move because i normally get too full for the main course if i finish it all by myself.

rocket salad with sliced wagyu beef prime rib and a basil flavoured tomato vinaigrette. it was pretty much like any other rocket salad you can get. but i guess the highlight was the large servings of wagyu beef underneath those greens but then again, i wouldn’t be able to tell you whether it was good or not.

i don’t know if i have mentioned this somewhere in the earlier posts but about four years ago i accidentally watched this most horrid and gruesome clip on animal slaughter (for food) and since then i was never able to get back to eating any kind of meat again. so yeah, i’m basically a vegetarian slash pescatarian. a total random tidbit about me, haha.

pan-seared peppered tuna loin on a lemon beurre blanc sauce. it was tad bit salty but i swear it was one of the best ahi tuna i’ve ever had! and the chunks were humongous!

filet steak. i was told that it was one of the best steaks in bangkok. coming from a steak-killer, i’m pretty confident it’s a reliable statement.

IMG_0474 copya complimentary cheesecake!

i gotta say, all the great reviews about new york steakhouse on the internet are true and legit. the food, as you can see, were pretty much excellent and the service, oh the service, was beyond expectation. it was one of the most personalised service i’ve ever received in any kind of restaurant. only if it wasn’t so expensive i would love to go back again soon.

definitely recommend this place for anyone who’s looking for a five-star fine dining experience in bangkok!

of course i wouldn’t know a better way to end this lovely evening but with a restroom selfie. have a great week! ;)

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