city guide, seoul

seoul photo diary pt. 2

IMG_2262-copy copy

IMG_1951IMG_1949 copyIMG_1948 copyIMG_1956 copymy comfort brunch at slow garden.

IMG_20141109_144504IMG_20141114_090805not a single cloud was spotted this day..

IMG_20141120_161738IMG_20141120_192257sale made me do it.

IMG_2498 copymy first banana milk of the trip! as delicious as it is, it never fails to give me a tummy-ache..

IMG_1856 copyIMG_1869 copyIMG_1958 copyIMG_2219 copyIMG_2237 copywhat i love about korea is that there are so many options for outdoor activity. be it hiking, trekking, walking in the mountains..etc. in bangkok the closest we have probably is going to a nearby park. and that is, if there is any.

IMG_2254 copynot only for humans but for little furballs as well!

IMG_2255 copyIMG_2262 copytaking a stroll with my little niece with unintentionally matchy zara jackets.

IMG_2304 copyIMG_20141114_130730IMG_1960 copyIMG_2105 copyIMG_20141112_114038IMG_20141111_143348IMG_2411 copyIMG_2414 copy… till next time!

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