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semi-failed night in seoul

seoul travelwhenever i’m back in seoul, it’s become our ritual to get together to catch up over a nice food and a drink. and this particular night we decided we were going for interstellar, dinner at a nice italian restaurant then to see the led rose festival at ddp.

IMG_20141116_003503IMG_2130IMG_2107 copyplan numero uno: success!

we came out of the movie with our jaws down to our feet. the movie was brilliantly perplexed. in a good way.

IMG_2108 copyplan numero dos: success!

we went to a restaurant called pané crema in daehangno (alley near kfc) which i never knew existed but glad we tried cos it was one of the most pleasant meals i had thus far.

IMG_2112 copyIMG_2113 copyIMG_2115 copyIMG_2117 copyIMG_2119 copythis may look like your typical korean stew but no, it’s actually a spicy seafood risotto.. lol

IMG_2120 copythis. was. the. bomb. diggity.

IMG_2124 copyspicy cream pasta in a bread bowl. it had a nice balance with a burst of spiciness here and there.

IMG_2127 copyIMG_2129 copyIMG_2154 copyplan numero tres: fail!

IMG_2158 copyso our original plan was to go see this beautiful led rose festival that was happening in ddp in dongdaemun.

IMG_2157 copybut guess what! they decided it was best not to open the led lights for the night (for safety reasons) due to mass crowd that gathered around to see the marching of pikachus earlier that day. i don’t know if i was more angry at the pikachus or ddp. so yes, you can google images of led rose festival ddp if you’d like to see how it looks with the lights on. beautiful i have to say!

IMG_20141117_002345so the small yet very heavy tripod i was carrying around the entire day was all for nada. and this was me desperately wanting to make it count.

IMG_2166 copyIMG_2169 copyIMG_2170 copyso inside there were these shops or boots with creative/unique design items that were being sold and displayed.

IMG_2187 copyand out of nowhere was this piano. and this girl walked to the piano, sat her boyfriend down next to her and started playing like freakin’ beethoven reborn! would’ve been so proud if i were him.

IMG_2213 copyIMG_2214 copyso that is a wrap!

despite the pikachus ruining our plan, it was a good, gooooood night overall. hope you guys had a lovely thanksgiving!

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