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[rama 4] sornthong – best seafood

sornthong bangkokP1000862 copyP1000820 copyP1000819 copyit’s crazy how there are so many koreans that come eat here, even the menu is in korean.

P1000828 copythree condiments that will complete your thai experience – chilli sauce, fish sauce and seafood sauce.

P1000830 copyP1000834 copyP1000837 copyP1000840 copyP1000842 copyP1000845 copyP1000851 copyP1000853-copyP1000857 copyP1000858 copyP1000860-copyP1000821 copysornthong, a longstanding family owned thai seafood restaurant, despite having the reputation for the rather shabby interior with low ceiling making it hard to have conversations without screaming your lungs out and service no where to be found, it does have a good reason why it’s always jam packed. the seafood is fresh, quick and affordable and these people obviously know what they’re doing.

but… that surely doesn’t override the fact that their service was as horrible as i remember.

P1000832 copyP1000861 copy



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