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new year trip pt. 3 – where to seafood in pattaya?

P1030791-copy copySUTTANGRAK

P1030787 copyP1030792 copyP1030790 copyP1030793 copyP1030791 copyP1030769 copyit was a beautiful day as evident it is in the pictures. the breeze was cool and the sun was warm. we had lunch here at suttangrak and it was absolutely amazing. the food was fresh and delicious, ambiance was slightly up-scaled than we expected, amazing sea view, has both indoor and outdoor seats and the service was outstanding compared to the one about to be mentioned after… it’s slightly off the beaten track of jomtien beach – you can find the exact location here.


P1030765 copyP1030762 copyP1030763 copyP1030758 copyP1030764 copyP1030761 copywhere to start.. ok let’s start off with this sign at the entrance. i don’t know if this is google translate gone wrong at it’s worst or it was meant to be humorous, i don’t know. but one thing i know for sure is that everything was opposite to what it’s said to be. all the staffs faces were ‘bent’, waited around 15 minutes to get a seat, 20 minutes, without exaggeration, to get a menu and another 30 minutes for our orders to be taken. and the worse part is that other tables around us were having the same problem. f*** impressive service, if we weren’t starving we would’ve shove them the middle finger and left without regret. the food, without doubt, was delicious but remember what i said in the last post about making mistakes and learning from it so that i don’t repeat the same mistake twice? well, this definitely was the first lesson learnt this year.

nonetheless, if you’re a seafood kind of person, these two places are highly recommended in the area in my opinion. “moom aroi” if you don’t mind being treated like a ghost, that is. 

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