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new year trip pt. 4 – cafe hopping in pattaya

P1030718-copy copyTREE TALES

P1030734 copy P1030728 copy P1030682 copy P1030681 copy P1030686 copy P1030702 copy P1030706 copy P1030704 copy P1030697 copy P1030685 copy P1030707 copy P1030709 copy P1030674 copy P1030676 copy P1030718 copy P1030719 copy P1030677 copy P1030671 copy P1030739 copythis place was recommended by a good friend of ours so we had our hopes up high. surely it’s not as condensed as it is in bangkok but cafe scene in pattaya is definitely starting to grow. for the past hundredth times i visited pattaya, i never came across a decent cafe. none. zero. or maybe i wasn’t looking for it… but this trip was different. starting from tree tales. it felt like being in a secret garden where you’re lured by the beauty encompassing the area that you just walk mindlessly observing your surrounding in awe. and clicking hundreds of photos along the way, of course. i had to control my strong desire to steal their ceramic table and chair and left only with happy tummy.


P1030972 copy P1030971 copy P1030973 copy P1030975 copy P1030979 copy P1030980 copy P1030996 copy P1030997 copy P1040012 copy P1040002 copy P1040004 copy P1040001 copy P1040021 copy P1040023 copy P1040033 copy P1030977 copycoffee. people watching. terrace. breeze. sound of newspaper pages turning. early morning. strangers. smell of freshly baked bread. friends. lovers. dogs.

i don’t know about you but just typing up these words put a smile on my face. for me, this is how i would want to start every morning for the rest of my life. maybe it was the peak in the happy hormones due to the good weather, but it was as if all my (sort-of-negative) perceptions about pattaya was turned upside down. despite being in the bustling district of pattaya it doesn’t fail to deliver a cozy-homely ambiance that is nothing short of peace, calmness and tranquility. this oldie but a goodie quaint little french inspired cafe is definitely recommended if you’re in the hood!

now that’s the end to my new year’s trip series. hope you enjoyed it, found it somewhat helpful when planning your trip down to pattaya and last but not least i wish everyone a delicious year ahead!

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