[phrom phong] dasa book cafe – something about the smell of old books

dasa book cafeP1040533 copynothing like opening up an old volume to detect a pleasantly intoxicating musty scent you can’t seem to get enough of.

dasa book cafe is a second hand book store where you can find cohort of bookworms lost in the world of limbo. just imagine the scent of old books with smooth, rich scent of roasted coffee beans dwelling in one place. i think i may have just described what heaven probably smells like.

P1040543 copy P1040517 copy P1040518 copyP1040520 copy P1040512 copy P1040519 copyP1040536 copy P1040541 copy P1040548 copy P1040554 copy P1040551 copy P1040557 copy P1040547 copy P1040565 copyP1040571 copywhen i saw this book i couldn’t help but reminisce back to my university days. back when finishing an assigned novel was the most dreadful task that had to be done. but now that i’m older and looking back at the time, i’m glad i had the opportunity to be introduced to so many great novels and writers that now that it’s not obligatory – i appreciate it more.

if you’re a big reader or simply want to enjoy a quiet time alone, this is definitely the perfect place for you. but make sure to clear out your schedule for the day as you might end up staying much longer than anticipated.

P1040580 copy P1040581 copy P1040585 copy P1040584 copy“it is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” – oscar wilde

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dasa book cafe


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