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spring and summerP1040364 copy P1040371 copy P1040383 copy P1040393 copy P1040366 copy P1040405 copy P1040416 copy P1040407 copy P1040409 copy P1040412 copy P1040421 copy P1040361 copy P1040362 copy P1040363 copyP1040365 copy P1040367 copy P1040423 copy P1040426 copy P1040425 copyspring is a dining room, summer is a chocolate house and winter is cocktail bar. when the seasons collide you get this amazing all in one kind of experience. oh but don’t worry, you won’t have to hop around between seasons for food, dessert and drinks – this spacious property is surrounding a beautiful lawn where winter bar is located and this is my absolute favourite spot. even though the bean bag lounger can be quite uncomfortable for dining i always make sure to make reservation to get a seat here. it’s one of those low key jubilance kind of feel you get while having a drink or two on your couch or a front porch of your home. oh and did i mention it’s an airconditioned outdoor space? you got nothing to worry about even on hot summer nights.

the modern thai and pan asian cuisine has it’s own distinctive ‘spring-touch’ to it where it gives you the traditional culinary experience with a modern twist. som tum tempura is one of my favourite. i’ve been a loyal customer of spring and summer for as long as i can remember and they never fail to amaze me. oh and don’t forget to try their cup c, a rich and flavorful chocolate brownie in a cup, in a c cup to be exact.


unfortunately, as of 31/12/2015 and after 12 years of being everyone’s favorite, the restaurant was closed due to end of rental contract. *sobs*

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