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P1040268-copy copyP1040355 copyP1040251 copy P1040288 copy-checkerna aroon, an award winning vegetarian restaurant located in ariyasomvilla, is definitely a hidden gem of bangkok even for the locals. tucked away at the very end of sukhumvit 1, it isn’t somewhere you happen to stroll by. which means it’s that much more secluded – a perfect hideout for those seeking for an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

P1040258 copy P1040260 copy P1040261 copywhen i first entered the place i couldn’t help but feel captivated as if i’ve stepped into a well established property of the past. the villa, now operating as a luxury boutique hotel, spa and a restaurant was built during 1941 which was passed down since through generations and have beautifully maintained its’ authentic traditional architecture style and ambiance.

P1040274 copy-checker P1040269 copycan you spot something?

P1040270 copy P1040268 copy P1040265 copy P1040257 copy P1040267 copy P1040266 copy P1040275 copy P1040276 copy-checker P1040301 copy P1040304 copy P1040319 copy P1040305 copy P1040315 copy P1040306 copythe menu here is extensive which guarantees there’s something for everyone – from thai vegetarian/seafood delicacies to western food and even mouthwatering desserts. not to mention most of the ingredients are organic and still able to satisfy our tastebuds with burst of flavors. you can find the entire menu here.

P1040281 copy P1040282 copy P1040283 copy P1040287 copyfrom someone who’s so used to being around loud noises, tall buildings, and rare sight of trees and flowers – this was a very refreshing experience. it felt almost as if i was on a spiritual retreat in which meditation only seemed suitable. not only was i greeted with staffs who made me feel at home and provided utmost personal service, there were these little guides who kept me company.

not to mention na aroon is listed under EZTABLE which means you no longer have to call the restaurant to reserve a table and also if you forget your wallet at home? no problem – the app’s got you covered.

when you ask for the check at the end of your meal – they will send you the bill directly to your phone.

P1040325 copy P1040327 copyonce you click on the notification, you’ll be able to see the total price and all you gotta do is ‘pay now’.

P1040329 copyy P1040333 copyvoilà! once the payment is complete, an e-invoice will be sent to your email address.

i was literally blown away by both – discovery of this hidden oasis of bangkok as well as the convenience of the EZTABLE application. regardless of your dietary preferences or whether you’re a herbivore or a carnivore – i guarantee you’ll have a satisfying meal here at na aroon alongside nature and soothing ambiance.

P1040255 copy P1040253 copyP1040360 copy

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