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ekamai / one ounce for onion

ouncenonchalantly tucked away in an alley of ekamai 12 one ounce for onion offers some amazing light meals and in-house roasted coffees. only thing would be the limited seatings indoor – there’s only one table, couple of stools by the coffee counter and a tiny table along the window. outdoor is great and i even prefer it to airconditioned seats but when bangkok is so close to reaching its boiling point at 35-37 celsius every day? now, that’s a whole different story.

P1050118 copy P1050116 copy P1050115 copy P1050086 copy P1050089 copydefinitely try their jomthong, chiangmai honey processed coffee which has a delicate aroma, not an overpowering acidity, light body and just overall a pleasant cup of joe to fuel up your caffeine tank to keep you going throughout the day.

P1050094 copy P1050105 copy P1050112 copy P1050119 copy

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