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[asoke] dine in the dark

didalthough the concept might be quite self explanatory, nothing can prepare you for the extraordinary experience at dine in the dark. most importantly, no mobile phones mean no distractions and real conversations. being in total darkness for couple of hours is definitely an intimate and a rare experience; and with enhanced senses, amplified imagination – you get the slightest understanding of how challenging it would be to be deprived of one or more of our senses. the concept of dine in the dark was first found in zurich in 1999 and has been growing in popularity by bringing diners out of their comfort zone but at the same time rewarding them with an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

P1060712 copy P1060715 copy P1060719 copybefore going into the pitch-black private dining room, you’re introduced to a visually impaired guide, who’s sole purpose is to serve your table for the evening. then you’re guided to your seats and asked to explore the table in front to  retain a mental picture  of the cutlery, plates and the position of the glasses – and this is where the real fun begins.

you’re first brought an entree, soup, main course then a dessert. at times you might be clueless to what you’re eating, unable to find food in the plate and lose your utensils occasionally. however, you’re very welcome to touch, feel and explore the food with your remaining senses.  after all it’s the only fine dining experience you don’t get judged for licking your plate. we’re just hoping there weren’t any night vision cameras installed..

dine in the dark in collaboration with sheraton grande sukhumvit


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