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[phahurat] best fabric market in bangkok

fabric market in bangkokin case you haven’t heard, i recently took on a new hobby – sewing! i like to get myself a lil some-some on my birthdays and this year i decided to get myself my very first sewing machine!i knew i wanted a sewing machine but i really had no clue there were so many brands and kinds. but after half research and half manipulation of the sales lady, i landed on my first elna 2110. i know there are lots of better known brands like brother, singer, juki and janome in the market but i chose this particular one because it was easy to use, does its job (i was told this machine is able to sew denim and genuine leather with no problem), seemed sturdy and most importantly it was a great value for money.

elna is infact manufactured by janome and so far i have no complaints – it’s been great!

pahurat fabric market pahurat fabric marketnow, after getting my gear all set, only thing i was lacking was the fabric. i lived in thailand for 15 years and never have i visited this market. but i’m proud to say that phahurat, aka little india, has now become my official second home.

i’m only a beginner and still learning between different fabrics and what works best with what but all i know is that that this is the only place in thailand where you can find such variety with a really good price! not to mention they now have indoor section (china world) where you won’t break a single sweat (MAJOR PLUS +++++).

pahurat fabric market pahurat fabric marketbangkok fabric market pahurat fabric market pahurat fabric market pahurat fabric marketbangkok fabric marketafter getting your fabrics head over to sampeng wholesale market (a narrow alley connecting phahurat to china town) and here, you can probably find anything and everything you need in life. if you have some spare time to explore the hood it’s possibly the best market to find souvenirs for your families and friends back home since it’s way cheaper and did i mention that they have like, everything? oh but i wouldn’t recommend it for any claustrophobics out there.. i warn you, it can get a little cray cray.

on lok yuntake a turn behind the old siam mall to experience breakfast like a local here at the recently re-discovered 80 plus year old charm, on lok yun.

on lok yun on lok yun on lok yunwith its rusty interior, you are to experience, as they call it, the most traditional thai-style-american breakfast of the country.


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