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5 reasons why i prefer airbnb to hotels

london airbnbthis was my first experience with airbnb here in london. the reason i decided to stay in airbnb instead of a hotel was well, one) i was there for a little over two weeks hence wanted somewhere i could ‘settle in’ for the short term; and two) all the hotels in london are so darn expensive! of course it’s not fair to judge which is better with my one time experience with airbnb but here are my thoughts on why i know i would choose airbnb over hotels in my future travels.

live like a local

london airbnb london airbnb london airbnbmost times than not the places listed on airbnb are in a local neighborhood. the reason being is as you may already know airbnb allows people who have extra space, room or even an entire house available, to rent it out to travellers. so as it is for most countries the locals seldom live in the center of a tourist-y area per se. which, in my opinion could be an excellent opportunity to experience the city like a local. you know sometimes it’s not a bad idea to lose the map and just see.

cheaper rent

london airbnbafter arriving in london late night, due to misplanning on my part, i had to look for a hotel to stay for the first night. when i found a hotel on agoda for 60 GBP, whole lotta calculation was going through my head. well, 60 GBP equals approx. 3,300 THB which sounded pretty decent to me since i only needed a place for couple of hours of sleep and oh-em-gee. it was the worst hotel i’ve ever stayed in. to be fair, the breakfast was pretty decent but the rooms, oh my, the rooms. i swear i’ve seen such room in criminal minds and csi. i know it’s not right to compare but i mean with 60 GBP you can stay in one of the most luxurious hotels in bangkok. but then again who am i to blame. so for the same price? airbnb totally trumps hotels in oh so many levels!

save money

london airbnb london airbnbif you’re travelling for a long term then renting a room in airbnb with amenities like kitchen, washing machine and breakfast can save you A LOT of money.

meet new friends

london airbnb london airbnbfor me, i take importance in getting to know people from different places when i travel. so when i had the chance to ‘live together’ with different group of people from all around the world like i did during my stay – it was one of the best experience i could’ve asked for. not to mention my friendly host! although she didn’t live in the same house she was quick to answer our inquiries and made sure we had everything we needed to feel at home.

it’s pretty!

london airbnb london airbnbyes, you heard that right. a lot of rooms and houses listed on airbnb literally gets you going ‘wow’. like, can i live in your house forever? it gives you the opportunity to experience living at a well, stranger’s home. but a pretty one if you choose it right!


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