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5 new cafes to try in bangkok

bangkok cafea must-try bangkok top 5 cafes.

the ever-changing bangkok cafe scene honestly, is quite difficult to keep up even for a cafe enthusiast like myself. but to make your life a little bit easier, here i’ve curated top 5 new cafes in bangkok definitely worth trying in sukhumvit.

1. broccoli revolution

it was about time more vegetarian restaurants and cafes open up in bangkok! with the kind of savory and sweet dishes they offer you might wonder if eating meat is really necessary.

broccoli revolution broccoli revolution broccoli revolution

2. toby’s

apparently if you wanna do ‘brekkie’ like an australian – this is the place to be.

toby's on sukhumvit 38 toby's on sukhumvit 38 toby's on sukhumvit 38

3. blue dye

an indy-vibe cafe with lots of ‘stuffed’ animals (which i’m hoping it’s not real) serving excellent cup of joe in a home-y ambiance.

blue dye cafe blue dye cafe blue dye cafe

4. ink & lion

with sporadic artwork displays, it almost feels like a cafe and a gallery in one. definitely a lovely place for a quick coffee-to-go.

ink and lion cafe ink and lion cafe ink and lion cafe ink and lion cafe ink and lion cafe

5. wwa x chooseless

in case you’re looking for something a little more, “unique” both food and ambiance wise (which is pretty rare to spot in bangkok cafe scene) this is probably your best bet.

bangkok top 5 cafes wwa x chooseless bangkok top 5 cafes

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