what’s not to love about december?

december in bangkokthis. can’t. be. happening. i remember writing up posts about my 2015 new year’s trip to pattaya (1, 2, 3, 4) like it was yesterday. the pace at which time is passing is seriously scaring the living beep out of me. and the scarier part is my mom tells me as we get older, it’s gonna get worse. like a year will go by like month and month like a week and a day like a minute…

although i have to admit, all year i yearn for december to come around because december means christmas and christmas means carol and fairy lights everywhere and that, makes me really, really happy.

i admit bangkok in juxtaposition to christmas might not spark whole lot of imagination.. but believe it or not bangkok this time around usually gets really cold. yes, you heard me right – it actually gets cold, like sweater weather kind of cold but for some reason it’s been hitting its 33 celcius high every single day lately with no hint of cooling down.. but fear not cos i once read an article about a study of how bangkok malls temperatures are among lowest in the developed world – so you’ll feel no less of a winter… *you know what i’m talking about bangkokians*

roast bkkroast bkki wouldn’t know a better way to kick start the month if not with my mama at our favorite brunch spot – roast.

emquartieri can easily spend hours looking at house decors and kitchenwares and i don’t know if that means i’m just a very boring person.

emquartiercome on, don’t be sitting there sparking my wanderlust all over again. #notcool

london book#imisslondon

emquartierawkward hand, awkward tiptoe, awkward object at the back. i’m just a very well-rounded awkward human being.

bangkok zaloratop: zalora

emquartieri believe i was staring at a very creepy life sized, fully colored hologram lady enthusiastically talking about a movie.

emquartier cinemasuffragette was, to my surprise, a very, VERY good movie. heartbreaking yet truly inspiring – highly recommend it!

octave rooftop baroctave rooftop lounge & bar

octave rooftop bar octave rooftop barthe other day, me and several other bloggers had a little chit chat gathering with the marketing team behind zalora at this beautiful rooftop bar to talk about food, travels and korean series. hah, but more importantly about the BIGGEST sale event of the year “zalora online fever” they are about to launch come this 12th december.

there’s also a wishlist campaign happening as we speak until the 9th – where you have the chance to be one of the 12 lucky winners to win every item in your wishlist (up to 5,000 thb) for free! all you gotta do is share any of the items from your wishlist to your facebook by tagging @zalora and ‪#‎1212onlinefever‬.

seriously though, what’s not to love about december? ;)

octave rooftop bar bangkok… and bangkok traffic never looked so beautiful.

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