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chiangmai / top 5 restaurants to dine like a local

acnxthe highlight of this chiang mai trip (who am i kidding, of all trips i ever take) has got to be all the delicious food that was devoured. chiang mai is home to many flavor-ful dishes that often times bring tears to your eyes with its spicy level such as khao soi (burmese influenced coconut curry noodle), sai ua (northern sausage), nam prik noom (green chilli paste), kaeb moo (deep fried pork rind), just to name a few. 

here i’ve pinned down some of most famous local eateries around chiang mai where you can dine like a local instead of following the flock of tourists. prepare to salivate!

hong taew

probably our favorite one of all.

P1160693 copyP1160692 copya P1160698 copy chiangmai best restaurant P1160700 copy P1160702 copy P1160703 copy P1160704 copy

khao soi samer jai

P1160891 copy P1160892 copy P1160893 copy P1160897 copy P1160899 copy

nhong kao lum

lovely traditional thai place!

P1170144 copy P1170148 copy P1170156 copy P1170158 copy P1170159 copy P1170162 copythey say these are carvings of a mushroom but i’m not so sure..

P1170169 copy

good view

P1170798 copy P1170802 copy P1170804 copy P1170806 copy P1170809 copy P1170811 copy P1170817 copythis life size cardboard cutout of the lady was everywhere in the restaurant..

P1170819 copydude, he’s totally rocking the tote i sewed (click here, here and here to see what i’m talking about).


okay, tbh this place was the least local of all. i mean, we were so confused they kept speaking chinese to us. but! the food was great.

P1170965 copy P1170968 copy P1170969 copy P1170972 copy P1170973 copy P1170975 copy

hope they come in handy if you’re thinking of travelling to chiang mai someday!

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