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bangkok life 43-checker copythe thing about life update here in the blog is that once you’re behind, you get so behind you don’t even know where to begin. with thousands of photos to sort through and actual posts that are behind schedule, ah. not to mention the struggle of dealing with the minutiae of life on top of everything. okay i guess the point is that contrary to what’s shown on this blog or instagram i’ve had a pretty rough start to the year and next thing i realize it’s almost march! i guess it’s about time i slap myself out of this limbo and get on with life.

so, how have you been?

bangkok life 42-checkerroots have been my go-to for a daily fix ever since the commons opened beginning of this year.

bangkok life 39-checkerbangkok life 44 bangkok life 37-checkerdate night with mom. iris apfel is such an inspiring human being! have you seen the documentary? makes me wanna own one of those retro iconic eye glasses.

bangkok life 19 copythis cold kimchi noodle might not be very visually aesthetic but it’s the best thing, ever. i might need to steal my grandma’s recipe that she refuses to give.

bangkok life 29-checker bangkok life 21 bangkok life 22i sometimes feel like i’m not that short but when i see a photo like this i feel like i actually may be that short.

bangkok life 23-checker copy bangkok life 54 copy bangkok life 47

thai food bkk paragon

bangkok life 43-checker copy bangkok life 32how adorable is this mini size honey toast?

bangkok life 33-checker bkkHAAAAAA!

bangkok life 36 copyi love kids. really.

bangkok life 20-checker bangkok life 18 copywaffle date with kimberly.

bangkok life 59-checker copythe things i look forward to every morning. well coffee is a given.

bangkok life 50bkk lifeif i read this book once on kindle, listened to it once on audible and now reading it again on paperback – does it qualify as being one of my favorite? probably the best business book i read thus far and highly recommend it to those aspiring entrepreneurs!

bangkok life 30-checker copy bkk phil coffee bangkok life 66tried this north korean restaurant staffed by north koreans. what a strange experience.

bangkok life 60-checker bangkok life 11-checker bangkok life 12-checker bangkok life 15-checker copy bangkok life 3fried fish in sweet sour sauce – my favorite menu at ootoya. i could have this everyday.

bangkok life 7-checkeractually, i could have greyhound everyday too.

bkk life 2bkk roots bangkok life 61-checker bangkok life 62 bangkok life 57 copy bangkok life 63 bangkok life 64 copyshaved ice really isn’t my thing.

the commons bkk bangkok lifestyle blog bangkok life 2oh by the way, i’m probably only a million years late to this twitter game but… does anyone still use it?

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