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a walk in bristol

bristol4it was one overcast morning when we decided to take a spontaneous trip up to bristol for the day where we did nothing but walk and walk and walk around the city.

explore bristolexplore bristol 5 explore bristol 6 explore bristol 9 explore bristol 7 explore bristol 8 explore bristol 10 explore bristol 11banksy, is that you?

travel bristol explore bristol 13 explore bristol 14 explore bristol 15 explore bristol 16 explore bristol 17 explore bristol 19 explore bristol 21 explore bristol 22 explore bristol 20 explore bristol 23 explore bristol 24okay i think that’s close enough. i don’t know if you can tell but i’m not too fond of heights.

explore bristol 25 explore bristol 26 explore bristol 27explore bristolyet anther candy shot.

i think i’ve mentioned this previously but the thing i love most about having this blog is that i get to keep a visual diary of my rather uneventful life and occasional travels. like i wouldn’t have to have access to my laptop or hard drive to recollect the good times in life, know what i mean?

but when i lost majority of the posts from last year due to some problem with my web hosting service – i was devastated. especially the part where i lost all the posts about my travel to the uk. even after about an hour on the phone with their customer service rep trying to get this thing fixed up it was pretty much hopeless. but on a brighter note i didn’t lose all of my content which if i did, would’ve broke my heart so bad and probably made me want to quit blogging altogether.

i was organizing my hard drive when i came across this folder ‘bristol’. then came ‘london’, ‘exeter’, ‘bath’… i probably spent good solid hour browsing through the photos and thinking how on earth has it been six months already?

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