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blogging camera and lenseswe live in a generation where many people (me, guilty.) have attention span of a goldfish. so the question is what can you do to capture your readers attention? sure, creating valuable content is important and should be the main focus but i think we can’t deny the fact that at the end of the day we are visual animals. we get attracted to the things we see, especially to beautiful things.

best blogging cameraone study showed there were over 173 million blogs in the year 2011. 173 million. like, i can’t even picture that number in my head. with so many options available, how does one decide which blog to read and follow? couple of months back i was reading a book called essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less by greg mckeown where he talks about “decision fatigue” which basically means the more choices we are forced to make, the more the quality of our decisions deteriorates. then it hit me that this could be relevant to the internet world as well. as bloggers, youtubers and content creators in general it’s crucial we create contents that are valuable which in turn will make our readers want to come back for more.

if you made it this far i would like to give you a big fat virtual hug for having a better attention span than a goldfish!

best blogging camerai think one of the most, if not the most, important factor contributing to the success of any platform is visual aesthetic.

by no means i’m writing this post because i think myself a professional photographer because i’m definitely not. but it makes me feel so good when you guys enjoy my photography as much as i enjoy taking them. about a year ago i purchased my first micro four-thirds and it’s probably the best investment i made for the blog.

panasonic lumix dmc-gm1

call me bias but i still haven’t met a camera hotter than mine. panasonic lumix dmc-gm1 produces sharp and crisp images with mega fast focus. i know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but just. look. at. this. beauty. the body so small you can probably hide it behind your palm.

best blogging cameraalthough it came with an interchangeable lumix g vario 12-32mm lens / f3.5-5.6 (slightly wide angle) which by the way, is one of the lightest and sharpest lens to date, i decided to invest in two other prime lenses over time.

olympus m. zuiko 45mm

best blogging camerafirst addition to the family was olympus m. zuiko 45mm / f1.8, a fast short telephoto lens with beautiful smooth bokeh making it an ideal portrait lens. with this lens it’s like love for your first child. you love them no matter what and you know they are reliable. well, most of the time.

olympus m. zuiko 25mm

as much as i love my first baby i begin to realize that the focal length felt a little limiting when it came to taking street snaps which i love doing when travelling. that’s when i felt like i needed another lens that was shorter in focal length but as good as my first baby in every other sense and after weeks of another extensive research i invested in olympus m. zuiko 25mm / f1.8 which is an amazing option for everyday and street photography.

filmed with olympus 25mm

head over to my youtube channel to see videos filmed using both lumix 12-32mm and olympus 45mm.

i use all three interchangeably for my blog photos and youtube videos and each definitely has its own characteristics to boast. i feel like olympus lenses are among the most affordable line of products for micro four-thirds in the market at the moment and it truly gives you bang for your buck.

i couldn’t give you any technical terms regarding camera and photography even if i wanted to but i know that these work for me and i hope it answered some of my most frequently asked questions!

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