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sewing summer totei mean it’s no secret i’m border line obsessed with the pineapple tote i sewed up couple of months ago. it’s so thailand-appropriate, light and most importantly sturdy enough to carry tons of stuff inside. when i took on sewing as a hobby i made so many pouches and tote bags that i can now make them with my eyes closed; no but really it’s probably the easiest sewing project and if i can do it so can you!

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as much as i love pineapples i thought i’d give it a break and go for bananas instead for this diy project.

diy sewing tote bag(assuming you already have all the basic sewing tools) you’ll need:

  • 1/2 yard canvas fabric
  • 54″ canvas strap
  • coordinating thread

diy sewing tote bag1. fold the fabric in half with right sides together. measure 19″ x 16″ and cut the three sides accordingly (the uncut side will be the bottom of your bag – the shorter side).

diy sewing tote bag2. cut 2 pieces of 27″ straps.

diy sewing tote bagat this stage you’ll have three pieces laid out in front of you.

diy sewing tote bag diy sewing tote bag diy sewing tote bag3. iron the top 1/2″ then iron it under another 1″ and pin it in place before sewing if necessary.

diy sewing tote bagdiy sewing tote bag4.  sew the top hems in place. with right sides of your fabric together sew down both sides of the bag (i prefer to serge the raw ends with zigzag stitch afterwards to avoid fraying).

diy tote bag diy sewing tote bag diy sewing tote bagdiy sewing tote bag5. lastly lay your fabric flat and measure 3 1/2″ from both ends and mark it. pin the straps to the hem of the bag (make sure both handles are equal length) and sew them in place! i use triple stitch for this part for extra strength.

diy sewing tote bag diy tote bagvoila! there you have it – a banana tote for this summer! easy right?

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