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[chitlom] gaggan, asia’s number one

gaggan-maingaggan asia’s number one restaurant, is definitely not the stereotypical indian-as-you-know-it. elaborated punjub theme exuding exotic opulence with warm, vibrant colors and layers of texture.. is probably what you’d imagine. but instead you enter a stunning whitewashed colonial style wooden house where it makes you feel at home (despite the fact that you can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable with the bill that is soon to come your way).

gaggan-1 gaggan-2 gaggan-4gaggan pushes the boundaries yet is never too serious. just take this whimsical touch of presenting the 22-course menu with emojis. although i couldn’t help but be a little skeptical about the 10th dish..

gaggan-3 gaggan-5 gaggan-6 gaggan-7 gaggan-8 gaggan-9 gaggan-10 gaggan-11 gaggan-12 gaggan-13 gaggan asia's number one restaurant gaggan-15 gaggan-16 gaggan-17 gaggan-18 gaggan-19 gaggan-20 gaggan-21 gaggan-22 gaggan-23 gaggan asia's number one restaurant gaggan-25as it is for many well known ‘experimental’ and ‘progressive’ restaurants as gaggan, i’d say it’s emphasis is on experience over food. but i mean at least i get to tick off dining at asia’ number one restaurant, right?



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