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seoul / a week at home away from home

koreaoct_4-checker-copywhen i was back in korea for a week last month it got me wondering (which doesn’t happen very often, btw) how my life would’ve turned out if my family never left korea to begin with. what i’d be doing this very moment. to be honest it never crossed my mind i will ever go back to korea for good but seeing some of my friends, a tck like myself, assimilating so seamlessly into their new life in korea got me wondering maybe it’s not as bad as everyone makes out..

obscure indeeeeed..

koreaoct_1 koreaoct_2 koreaoct_3 koreaoct_4 koreaoct_5너무 푸짐하고 맛있었던 오후정.

koreaoct_6 koreaoct_7 koreaoct_8이건 너무 춥잖아아아.

koreaoct_9 koreaoct_10 koreaoct_11oh haiii.


koreaoct_13아기자기 이쁜 샵들이 많았던 서래마을.

koreaoct_14 koreaoct_15sparkle sparkle.

koreaoct_17 koreaoct_18 koreaoct_19 koreaoct_20배드파머스, 들어오자마자 건강해지는 느낌.

koreaoct_21 koreaoct_22 koreaoct_23 koreaoct_24 koreaoct_25 koreaoct_26we came a long way for you tiramisu latte.

koreaoct_27 koreaoct_28너무 일찍가 문안열어줬던 카페, one in a million.

koreaoct_29 koreaoct_30 koreaoct_31i was probably the only one in the entire country with exposed toes.

koreaoct_32 koreaoct_33 koreaoct_35 koreaoct_36i could’ve easily spent the whole day here at hyundai travel library.

koreaoct_37 koreaoct_38i wonder how my hair will look when i’m in my 60s.

koreaoct_39perfect coffee break before dinner at 정자동 cafe street.

koreaoct_40 koreaoct_41 koreaoct_42 koreaoct_43yes, i only brought one shoes.

koreaoct_44brunch with a view at 세상의 모든 아침.

koreaoct_45 koreaoct_46 koreaoct_47 koreaoct_48 koreaoct_49although it couldn’t compare, this pancake got me thinking of ricotta hotcakes from granger & co in london.. what i’d do to have that again!

koreaoct_50 koreaoct_51 koreaoct_53결혼하고싶어지는 venue.

koreaoct_54 koreaoct_55cafe trucks along the street of 여의도.

koreaoct_56 koreaoct_57 koreaoct_58 koreaoct_59koreans are so kind. IV for the tree and all.

koreaoct_60koreaoct_61 koreaoct_62korea have the coolest yogurt delivery carts. like no joke.

koreaoct_63 koreaoct_64 travel seoul제일 맛있었던 meal. 감사합니다.

koreaoct_66 koreaoct_67 travel seoul koreaoct_69possibly the best shot from this trip..

koreaoct_71koreaoct_70venturing out into the frigid morning…


it’s been a long time and i feel like i say this every time i update a new post these days.. but seriously i’m realizing how valuable it is to have the luxury of time to be able to do what you genuinely love doing and the importance of finding the time to do that in the midst of all the craziness that life throws at you every. single. day.

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