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[london] hello, we meet again

it felt so good to be back. a little colder than i anticipated but still, it felt so right. the red double deckers, people hustling in and out of the tube, dogs! yes, dogs everywhere, and oh the christmas lights.

since comfort is the key when it comes to long haul flights..

“blue jasmine” – a movie about a rich new york socialite whose life unravels before us making a clear point that lives constructed on pretense can only stand for so long.

“the light between oceans” – a heartbreaking story about fate, love and moral dilemmas that the couple face. what do you do when justice for one person is another’s tragic loss?

after two movies, countless documentaries, sudoku and some decent nap, finally arrived at heathrow in one piece.

i remember some of my friends mentioning that it’s strange how in thailand we have 1st and a g floor – g floor being ground floor which means first floor. and when i saw -1 i think i understood where they were coming from.

so after arriving in heathrow we realized we won’t be able to catch the train to exeter on time so decided to stay the night in london near paddington station. i wasn’t suprised when all the hotels we stumbled upon were fully booked but very luckily we found this gem a little down the street called blakemore hyde park hotel. the bathroom was squeaky clean and the bed was fluffy. i mean, what more can i ask for after a 13 hours flight…

the next morning came,

oh london, you so gloomy yet still beautiful.

was hunting for breakfast when came across this little cafe on the corner of the street.

london travelthe smell of fresh baked pastries,

the feeling of holding a hot cup of a coffee when it’s freezing out,

it was just as i remembered, maybe even better now that things seem a little more familiar than last time.

but not gonna lie, it was so cold, thought my ear drums were about to burst and nose about the fall out.

london travel pack, pack, pack again

and hopped on a train to exeter…

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