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[exeter] train to exeter

there were no zombie breakouts and there definitely wasn’t any gongyoo around (train to busan, anyone?) but i love train rides in the uk. something about it gives me that calm… maybe except for when i’m forced to ride backwards and it gives me that motion sickness and i always tend to pick the wrong direction and by the time i realize it’s too late to change cos all the other seats are taken.

“to have or to be” by erich fromm. enjoyed it so much that i read it twice both in english and in korean. 🤓

touch down exeter.

i was expecting maybe this time around someone would’ve removed that cone from the statue but nope, the horn was there to stay. 🦄

out of the three houses we stayed via airbnb this trip, this was by far the best. it was such a cozy and charming little home!

travel exeter nice little get together at zizzi,

travel exeterearly mornings. smell of fresh dew.  hot coffee in a mug.

oh you evil bird, i remember you. always trying to steal my sandwich outside costa. 😠

i attended a graduation ceremony at the university of exeter and was surprised by how nice, simple and un-complicated it was compared to the ones we have in thailand. 🙄

won’t say how many of those i had that day 😬

failed #1

failed #2

doable #3

my favorite walk way in the campus. the picture definitely doesn’t do it justice…

after a long exhausting day at exeter, we took a train back to london where i had salmon steak shaped like a heart and suddenly everything was a-okay… 😌👌

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