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[london] winter wonderland

did i tell you how i almost died on my way to have shake shack in covent garden? well the story goes we got off at covent garden station and the place being super crowded and all we just followed the herd to the exit.. and little did we know it was to this petrifying stairs with 193 steps.

you might think eh, 15 storey building that’s a piece of cake. well, i was neither physically nor mentally prepared for this climb and it was a rather narrow staircase. i felt pressured by the people behind me and i had to keep going without stopping for a break. once i got out of the station i literally had to take my coat off, sit on the floor in the middle of the street, breath through inhaler and i genuinely thought to myself this. is. how. i’m. going. to. die. of heart attack. on my way to shake shack. in the middle of london city… 😔

i realized through this incident how unfit i am and made up my mind to start working out more regularly and eat clean and healthy…💪  then headed to shake shack for lunch.   or maybe all i needed was a little bit of burger in my system. 🤔


picked a wrong wrong day to come…

i think i may have ordered my coffee with zach galifianakis.

london during christmas season is everything.

and we were hereeeee. winter wonderland 🎄

bailey’s hot chocolate. yes please 🙋🙋

travel london travel londonthen ended the night seeing buzz and batman having a deep conversation about what the future holds of this world…

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