2017 / fancy a look inside my bag? #wimb

inside bag bangkok lifestyle bloggeri’m pretty sure i don’t have to include all the junks and crumpled receipts in this tag… right?Ā šŸ˜¬ if you know me in real life you probably already know that i carry my entire house with me in my bag and it weighs about 56kgs. sometimesĀ there are even two of them.

but recently my laziness got the better of me and i started to minimize the things i carry around cos you girls know 99.99% of the time the things we think we might need never, ever end up seeing theĀ light of the day. and my shoulders just couldn’t take it anymore. so when i tried to boil it down to the most essential itemsĀ this was what i was left with:

  1. wallet, because wallet.
  2. keys, because well.. keys.
  3. fisherman, probably one thing i’d feel most anxy without.
  4. camera, a bloggers’ best friend si?
  5. notebook, with a goldfish memory span like mine you need to jot everything down.
  6. planner, because i’m old school like that.
  7. nyx butter gloss, probably only retouch i do throughout the day (did i say lazy already?).
  8. hourglass lip oil, cos nothing is less attractive than chapped lips and i have very chapped lips..
  9. caudalie mist, talk about being cursed with oily & dry combination skin.
  10. pen, well you know.. to write stuff.
  11. passport, so i don’t get deported.
  12. portable charger, cos who lives off one charge per day anymore?
  13. earphones, so you can easily multi-task while talking on the phone (lol).
  14. business cardĀ holder.
  15. kindle, usually with battery.

so thatĀ is what is inside my bag, you know, if anyone wasĀ curiousĀ šŸ™„ Ā i’m sure i could’ve narrowed it down even more but i just couldn’t get myself to do that… i would feel so insecure leaving home with so little stuff.Ā šŸ˜…

please share a #wimb on your blog and let me know, i’d love to take a peek!

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