2017 / fancy a look inside my bag? #wimb

    inside bag bangkok lifestyle bloggeri’m pretty sure i don’t have to include all the junks and crumpled receipts in this tag… right? 😬 if you know me in real life you probably already know that i carry my entire house with me in my bag and it weighs about 56kgs. sometimes there are even two of them. Continue reading

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    winter wonderland

    did i tell you how i almost died on my way to have shake shack in covent garden? well the story goes we got off at covent garden station and the place being super crowded and all we just followed the herd to the exit.. and little did we know it was to this petrifying stairs with 193 steps.

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    train to exeter

    there were no zombie breakouts and there definitely wasn’t any gongyoo around (train to busan, anyone?) but i love train rides in the uk. something about it gives me that calm… maybe except for when i’m forced to ride backwards and it gives me that motion sickness and i always tend to pick the wrong direction and by the time i realize it’s too late to change cos all the other seats are taken.

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