farewell 2016, thank you for the lessons learned

    2016 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me. there were, without a doubt, many ups but also countless downs; met some really good people at the same time some really, really awful people; but i believe that at the end it all boils down having had that experience. good or bad there’s always a lesson to be learned in every experience and what’s important is that you take this with you along the journey in order to evolve in the higher dimensions. one of the biggest lessons i’ve learned is that you’ve got to keep learning. be inquisitive. be interested in things that surround you. you’ve got to keep pushing yourself because even if you might think you are – no one is there yet and can ever be. eventually what will make you stand out from the crowd is not how talented you are, not how smart you are but rather, how curious you are.

    happy new year.


    bangkok, city guide

    riverside / samsara

    bangkok_riverside_restaurant_samsarabangkok riverside restaurant samsara; people often misuse the term ‘hidden gem’ when it really should only be used for places like this. samsara, this place is a real hidden gem of bangkok and it literally is hidden. i was legit surprised to see that there were so many foreigners at this place despite the secluded location. without a doubt it’s no longer hidden from the travelers (as the price, too, will suggest) i have to admit it oozes that local, hole-in-the-wall kind of vibe that most travelers find fascinating.

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    seoul / a week at home away from home

    koreaoct_4-checker-copywhen i was back in korea for a week last month it got me wondering (which doesn’t happen very often, btw) how my life would’ve turned out if my family never left korea to begin with. what i’d be doing this very moment. to be honest it never crossed my mind i will ever go back to korea for good but seeing some of my friends, a tck like myself, assimilating so seamlessly into their new life in korea got me wondering maybe it’s not as bad as everyone makes out..

    obscure indeeeeed..

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    bangkok, city guide

    gaggan, asia’s number one

    gaggan-maingaggan asia’s number one restaurant, is definitely not the stereotypical indian-as-you-know-it. elaborated punjub theme exuding exotic opulence with warm, vibrant colors and layers of texture.. is probably what you’d imagine. but instead you enter a stunning whitewashed colonial style wooden house where it makes you feel at home (despite the fact that you can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable with the bill that is soon to come your way).

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