a commuter

    P1200879 copy7.00am. you wake up a little earlier than usual to avoid the rush hour and find yourself pleasantly surprised. the smell of fresh morning dew. sunlight on our skin. aliveness of our relaxed bodies. the luxury to even smile at people we meet along the way

    the musings of minutiae.

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    life updates

    P1200813 copyhaiiiii everyone, it’s been a long long while! hope y’all been behaving. so much has been happening and occupying all my time and soul lately i really couldn’t find the time to sit and write up a proper blog post until now.

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    diy / summer tote bag

    sewing summer totei mean it’s no secret i’m border line obsessed with the pineapple tote i sewed up couple of months ago. it’s so thailand-appropriate, light and most importantly sturdy enough to carry tons of stuff inside. when i took on sewing as a hobby i made so many pouches and tote bags that i can now make them with my eyes closed; no but really it’s probably the easiest sewing project and if i can do it so can you!

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