Best Women’s Running Shoes for Overpronation

best womens running shoes for overpronation

Pronation is a natural process that occurs when you walk or run. As your weight transfers from your heel to your forefoot, your foot will roll inward naturally.

But overpronation can cause terrible foot injuries, especially for runners.

Multiple athletic footwear companies have created shoes specifically meant to help with overpronation. They provide superior support and help smooth the transition of weight from heel to toe.

Comparison Table: The Top Best Women’s Running Shoes for Overpronation

Brand Name Number of Colors Material Sole
#1. Mizuno Women’s Wave
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3 Synthetic and textile Synthetic
#2. Saucony Redeemer

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4 Fabric Rubber
#3. Brooks Adrenaline

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18 Mesh Rubber
#4. ASICS Women’s GT

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3 Synthetic Rubber
#5. Saucony Hurricane 16

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1 Synthetic and mesh Synthetic
#6. Saucony Omni 15

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3 Synthetic Rubber
#7. Mizuno Wave Paradox

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1 Synthetic Synthetic
#8. Brooks Ravenna 8

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5 Mesh Rubber
#9. Pearl Izumi

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3 Synthetic Rubber
#10. New Balance

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3 Textile Rubber

#1. Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

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This shoe is popular because of its supportive and well-cushioned stability. The design is specifically made to accommodate mild and moderate overpronators.

The shoe provides additional cushioning for your feet as you run, making sure your foot is centered in the shoe for the whole stride.

There have been many advancements in shoe technology over the years. These shoes make use of newly-engineered, highly advanced cushioning material that’s more lightweight than its predecessors.

Your feet won’t be dragged down. There are fast rebound properties that let you transition smoothly from stride to stride.

If you need a high instep and wide toe area, the wide toe box of these shoes will appeal. There’s also good support for people with flat feet.

The unique midsole increases overall durability while providing additional comfort.

The ventilation system, located in the sole, removes humidity and heat from your foot. Your feet stay cool no matter how long you run.

These shoes might not be the best if you’re a long-distance runner, though. The stitching and design might not match everyone’s personal aesthetic, but you have a wide range of color options to choose from.

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#2. Saucony Redeemer ISO Running Shoe

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This shoe provides great stability, which is a necessity for people who overpronate. You get the most supportive and stable ride, but you don’t have to sacrifice flexibility.

You still have access to a full range of motion and running capability.

These shoes come with multiple innovations unique to the ISO series. The midsole has been supremely cushioned, while the dynamic upper sole allows the shoe to conform to your foot like a sock.

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They’re so lightweight you might feel like you’re not wearing shoes, but the rubber outsole will help cushion the bottoms of your feet.

The shoe has embedded TPU pillars and medial posting to allow ideal control for overpronators. It’s also designed with a removable foam insole and very breathable fabric.

This shoe might be too wide for people with narrow feet, and it lacks arch support that many other shoes have. If arch support is a big issue for you, these might not be right for you.

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#3. Brooks Adrenaline Gts 17

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This is an ideal running shoe for women who love to mix fashion with their workout and sports wear. You’ll have a streamlined look, while the feel beneath your feet is plushy and soft. The design accommodates mild and moderate overpronators.

The mesh is designed to manage moisture, keeping your feet dry and cool throughout your run. One unique aspect of the engineering is the Omega Flex Grooves.

These bend with the movement of your feet, supporting your ankle and foot while allowing for awesome flexibility.

These shoes are designed to conform to the shape of your foot, so the fit feels custom-made. The midsole has Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology that helps make transitions between strides smooth. It counteracts the overpronation.

The foot landing allows for smooth transitions between strides thanks to the full-length segmented pad. You can trust in the support that these shoes provide.

Before you make a purchase, though, you should double check the size, as these shoes might run smaller than your natural size.

These shoes do have a somewhat narrow toe box, and the color options are limited. The midsole platform can also be stiff.

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#4. ASICS GT 1000 2 Running Shoe

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Before learning anything else about this shoe, you can have confidence due to the fact that it’s received approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

The shoe is made with synthetic textile and flexible polyester mesh. The combination of materials helps provide ideal comfort and breathability.

Wicking polyester linings inside the shoe help move moisture away from your feet, ensuring that you stay cool and dry throughout your run.

These shoes come with a dual-density midsole that increases support and stability. The small pocket between the midsole supports ensures you have better shock absorption and a controlled stride.

The outsoles of the shoes are made of rubber, with heels containing material resistant to abrasions. The forefoot of the outsole gives you cushions while increasing traction.

The outsoles have a vertical flex groove that increases the efficiency of your gait, while the full-length cushioning gives mild and moderate overpronators additional comfort.

Some people have found the forefoot to be a little too tight, though, and the toe box may be narrow, so this isn’t a good option for those with wide feet.

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#5. Saucony Hurricane 16 Running Shoe

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This pair of shoes is an excellent choice for women who struggle with overpronation. They have a great deal of cushioning, helping you to run long distances in comfort.

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There are also reflective portions that allow you to be spotted in dim and dark lighting.

Professionals recommend using these shoes for training moderate and severe pronators. They’re particularly good for those with flat feet and low arches.

In addition, these shoes are recommended if you’re out of shape and just getting back into running.

Air circulates through the shoes to keep your feet cool. The toe box is roomy enough to accommodate extra long nails and toes.

You also have a protective rubber outsole that provides ideal cushioning. It reduces the impact force, helping to protect your knees, forefoot, ankle, and calves from injury.

These are some of the priciest shoes on the list, though, so they might not be ideal for people shopping on a budget.

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#6. Saucony Omni 15 Running Shoe

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Saucony has made a number of shoes that are good for people with different foot problems. This pair is no exception. The shoes provide smooth transitions, along with extra stability, flexibility, support, and cushioning.

The design has a no-sew upper portion made with Flexifilm material. The lining is made with Rundry material, which helps fit the foot properly and wicks away moisture.

The top sole is made with Everrun construction, which helps reduce pressure and discomfort by allowing for smoother transitions.

This is a shoe that gives you awesome flexibility and comfort. The outsole uses Tri-Flex engineering to promote superior ground contact, letting you push off with your toes with ease.

These are one of the heavier options on the list, though, so they’re not ideal if you’re looking for lightweight shoes alone. The tongue might also rub uncomfortably against your foot.

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#7. Mizuno Wave Paradox Running Shoe

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This is a running shoe that gives overpronators exceptional support. The heel and midfoot have a thermal, elastic wave made of plastic running between them.

This helps cushion your feet and let you spring off the ground, so your impact is absorbed.

These shoes have some of the best shock absorption on the list. The upper portion is constructed with Dynamotion Fit engineering, which lets the shoe conform to your foot like a sock.

The midsole also features U4iC material, which increases flexibility while cushioning your foot and keeping the shoe lightweight.

The designers have added flex controllers to the forefoot. These keep you from losing energy by providing you with better flexibility, so you can run longer distances.

The blown rubber outsole provides durability and comfort.

These are slightly heavy shoes, and the heel might be a little loose. They may also be more expensive than other options on the list.

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#8. Brooks Ravenna 8

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This shoe provides cushioning and support for both tempo and long runs. The forefoot has 5.5 millimeters of blown rubber, helping keep your stride soft.

There’s also an x-shaped rubber patch in the midfoot that helps smooth gaps between your forefoot and heel.

The design features more breathable mesh than previous versions, so your feet stay dry and cool. The upper part of the shoe has enough room to hold your foot steady.

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A unique midsole gives you a cushion that lasts a long time. Meanwhile, a Diagonal Rollbar gives your arch support through this midfoot.

There’s a crash pad in the heel and midfoot to help you transition smoothly from heel to toe. The outsole also has Flextra rubber, which allows for additional flexibility.

People with wide feet might find these shoes too narrow, though, and your heel might slip a bit.

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#9. Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 Running Shoe

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This is another running shoe that can give you cushioning and stability. It’s made to accommodate people with heavy pronation and low arches.

The materials are soft, with a wide toe box that keeps your foot from blistering.

The shoes are lightweight, with deep cups in the insoles that cradle your feet. The outsoles are designed with rugged patterns to increase durability and traction.

These shoes are great for heavy pronators to use for multiple different runs, whether you’re going long distance or just going for a quick jog.

The forefront may be a little narrow if you have wider feet. These shoes also aren’t as durable as many others on the list, so you should be prepared to replace them fairly soon after they’re broken in.

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#10. New Balance W90V2 Running Shoe

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This running shoe is meant to accommodate moderate and severe overpronators who need extra cushioning and stability in their stride.

It’s created with breathable mesh, which has been lined with lightweight synthetic material. There’s a removable footbed in the insole that has antimicrobial properties, which fight odor and keep your shoes fresh.

There’s a full-length absorption board that allows for the maximum possible shock absorption, helping to protect your foot against rough impacts.

There’s also Stabilicore medial support, which allows your foot to transition more smoothly from heel to toe.

The lightweight shoes have arch support. They’re engineered with midsole technology that allows for extra cushioning as each step lands.

These are great for people with serious overpronation problems, but they may be too heavy-handed for those who only overpronate slightly.

You should also double check your size, as these shoes tend to be rather large.

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Final Thoughts

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 shoes are some of the best on the market for a wide range of good conditions.

The toe box is large enough to accommodate your feet, and the cushioning is specifically engineered to keep your foot steady as you run.

Unlike many other shoes, these shoes have a ventilation system located in the sole, which consistently circulates fresh air to keep your foot cool.

An alternative option is the Saucony Redeemer ISO. It has everything you need in a running shoe, plus some additional protections against overpronation.

You’ll find the most support and stability with this shoe thanks to the multiple engineering innovations. The cushioning is also super lightweight.

The only potential downside is that there’s inadequate arch support, so these shoes might not be good for people with flat feet.

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