Danner Mountain Light Vs Mountain Light II

danner mountain light vs danner mountain light ii

Are you in the market for a good pair of hiking or work boots? If so, you may be familiar with Danner Mountain Light boots. These boots are great for a variety of activities, and they are made to last!

If you’ve visited the Danner website, you will have noticed that the Danner Light comes in two varieties: Danner Light, and Danner Light 2. Which is better for you? Read on to find out.

Differences between Danner Mountain Light and Mountain Light II

Product Fit Sole Uses
#1. Danner Mountain Light II
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Narrow Polyurethane instep Outdoor, work, hiking, general
#2. Danner Mountain Light

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Roomy Flat Hiking, winter, work

Danner Mountain Light II Boot After Two Years!!!

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The major difference between the Danner Mountain Light boot and the Danner Mountain Light II boot is the fit. While the original Mountain Light boot has a very wide, roomy fit, the new generation is much narrower. Although everything else is almost the same, the fit makes a world of difference!

The most obvious factor is your foot size. If you have rather narrow feet, you might find the Danner Light a bit too roomy. It may even lack the ankle support you need to stay comfortable and safe on rugged terrain.

Some narrow-footed people like it just for going about the day, but it may not be the best option for hiking in rocky areas. However, if you have average to wide feet, this is the perfect boot for all activities!

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Those with narrow feet will find true love with the Danner Light II. This has everything you love about the Danner Light original, except that it also offer the support and structure you need!

If you have wide or even average feet, you should not opt for the Danner Light II, as this boot is too narrow to be comfortable.

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These boots have the word “light” in the name, but they’re actually not that much lighter than your typical hiking boot. In fact, at 60 ounces per pair, they weigh in at just about average. That being said, the weight is due to the heavy-duty structure of the boots and they don’t feel clumsy or clunky.


Another difference between the Danner Light boot and the Danner Light II is the insole. The Danner Light II is a bit better on this aspect.

While the Danner Light has nothing to pad the insole, the Danner Light II includes a polyurethane instep for balance and comfort. Of course, you can always go get your own sole liner, but the instep is nice.

Most people find that neither Danner Light boot is comfortable during the first few uses. The tough, durable construction of the boot means that it’s going to take a little time to wear in.

Over the first two or three weeks, you’ll have to walk around in your new boots for a couple hours a day. Before long, they’ll mold to your feet and become very comfortable.


The outsole on both Danner Light models is made super tough.

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It is composed of VIbramKletterlift rubber for durability and a foam layer in between for comfort. The outsole is stitched down, and you can re-sole the shoe every three years or so to make your boots last for over a decade.


The materials that make up the Danner Light boot and the Danner Light II boot are made to last. The main material is leather, which is water resistant, long-lasting, and attractive.

Both types of boot have some nylon features, and some of the various Danner Light color options include suede, as well. Inside the boot, you’ll find a heavy-duty Gore-Tex lining. This make the boot practically waterproof.

Color Options

This is the aspect that really allows Danner Mountain Light to Shine. While the Danner Light II boot only currently has two color options, the Danner Light boot has six!

Of course, you can definitely make do just fine with a light or dark brown Danner Light II boot, but it’s nice to have a variety to choose from if you’re going with the Danner Light boot.

To begin, Danner Light comes in a color called Dryden. This shoe is tan, with blue on the sides and on the laces.

There is also an Ivory version that is similar, except that it has black laces and sides that go well with the black sole. Although the next shoe on the list is called “Ivory,” it’s darker than you might expect and won’t discolor too noticeably.

Another option is Vancouver Brown. This one is a warm, golden brown with dark brown sides and yellow laces. One unique feature of this shoe is that it is primarily suede, rather than leather.

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If you want a shiny leather look, Black is a great choice. This is made of glossy black leather.

You can also opt for Khaki, a boot with shiny brown leather and soft tan sides. Finally, the Mohave Brawler offers a dark brown, shiny leather look.


As you can see from the table above, these are certainly not cheap boots. Both the Danner Mountain Light and the Danner Mountain Light II are costly. However, quality pays.

These shoes are weather-resistant and can be re-soled over and over. If you’re stuck between a Danner Light and a Danner Light II, make your foot size your determining factor.

While you can always purchase your own insole liner for the Danner Light or deal with few color options for the Danner Light II, the fit is what will make or break your experience with this boot.

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If you have wide feet, go for the Danner Light. If you have narrow feet, get the Danner Light II. Both are excellent boots.
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