Healthy Human Vs Hydro Flask

healthy human vs hydro flask

Drinking from a reusable water bottle isn’t just the responsible thing to do, it’s also the cost-effective and healthy thing to do!

Since you’re here, you must have made the decision to ditch your plastics and go for a good stainless steel bottle. Good for you!

Both the Healthy Human and Hydro Flask bottles are excellent, high-quality water bottle options.

Whether you plan to use yours for coffee, tea, or water, you really can’t go wrong.But which is better? Keep reading to find out!

Product Warranty Lid Opening
#1. Healthy Human
Our Best Pick

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Lifetime on lids, limited on bottles Screw-top Wide
#2. Hydro Flask

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Lifetime Flip-top Wider

Healthy human Vs Hydoflask Showdown Review!!

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Both of these bottles are made of stainless steel, which is arguably the best option for a water bottle.

Both the Hydro Flask and the Healthy Human bottles are constructed of BPA-free stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.

Not only is this healthier, but it also tastes better. Stainless steel keeps away weird tastes, so you can drink coffee in the morning and lemonade in the afternoon.

They are also both non-sweat bottles, so you can say good-bye to water-stained rings on your furniture. Both bottles are durable, although normal wear and tear can cause scratches or dents.


Double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel keeps liquid in the Hydro Flask and the Healthy Human at original temperature. You can keep liquids cold for about a day and hot for about 12 hours in both of these bottles.

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Now, let’s start talking about some differences. The first obvious difference between the Hydro Flask and the healthy human is the lid.

While both lids are made of BPA-free plastic, there are some notable variations between them.

First, the Hydro Flask comes with a screw-on lid that includes a flex handle. The lid doesn’t leak or weep, so you won’t have to worry about getting everything in your backpack wet.

If you like, you can pick a different lid type. The Hydro Flask company also offers a variety of other lids, including a flip-top lid and one with a straw. The most insulating lid is the class screw-on with a handle, however.

The best part about the screw-on lid is the ergonomic handle. The bendy handle is easy to carry and it’s comfortable to hold for long hikes.

The lid of the Healthy Human is a bit different. The default lid is a classic flask lid. It’s similar to the Hydro Flask lid, although it has a different handle.

This handle is a 3-finger carry handle that is solid and not flexible. It’s not ergonomic and isn’t as comfortable to carry.

However, this bottle is designed to be gripped around the bottle, and the Hydro Flask isn’t. So if you’re more inclined to carry the bottle itself, the lid type won’t really matter.


Another notable difference between the Hydro Flask and the Healthy Human is the lid opening. Both are fairly wide, so you can sip and fill easily. However, the Hydro Flask has a wider opening.

It’s a lot easier to put ice cubes into your water if you’re using the Hydro Flask, and it’s a bit easier to clean as well. However, this size difference isn’t enough to make or break either bottle.

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Both bottles have a decently ergonomic bottle. The bottles are slim enough to hold with one hand. Also, both come with the option of powder coating.

All of the Hydro Flask bottles –with the exception of the plain old stainless steel finish—have a colorful powder coating.

You can choose to get a powder coating for the Healthy Human as well. If a good grip is what you’re going for, then stick with the powder finish.

However, if you don’t care so much, there are some cooler bottle designs that are a bit slipperier. But we’ll talk more about that in a minute!

As far as bottle shape goes, the Healthy Human bottle is superior. The bottles are designed to be taller and slimmer, so you can get a better grip on them. In addition, they’re a bit lighter than the Hydro Flask.

The Healthy Human also runs in smaller sizes than the Hydro Flask. You can get 18, 32, 40 or 64 ounce bottles with the Hydro Flask. The Healthy Human bottles come in 16, 21, 23, and 40 ounce sizes.


The finishes on both the Hydro Flask and the Healthy Human bottles are awesome. For the Hydro Flask, you can stick with regular stainless steel or get a powder finish in one of over a dozen cool colors.

The Healthy Human bottles also come in a wide range of powder finish colors. If you like that look and feel, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a color you like.

However, the bottles also come with slick finishes and creative designs. I’ve never seen anything quite like the designs of the Healthy Human bottles! There are marbling effects in a few different colors as well as a wood and paint look.

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Both the Hydro Flask and the Healthy Human are great choices! Although the Hydro Flask is more popular, I’d go with the Healthy Human. The two bottles are comparable, but the Healthy Human is less expensive.

Of course, you only get a year warranty for the entire bottle as opposed to a lifetime warranty with the Hydro Flask, but if you don’t plan to fling your bottle off a cliff, you’ll probably be OK.

Additionally, the Healthy Human comes in cooler colors and is easier to grip. Although both bottles are very good, the Healthy Human wins over the Hydro Flask.

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