Maxsa Vs Maxtrax

maxsa vs maxtrax

During offroading and overloading expeditions, getting stuck in the sand, mud or bushes will often be an inevitable circumstance. While a great 4WD is a must for outdoor expeditions, it is equally important to have reliable gear as well.

Traction mats are a must for any outdoor expedition as they are the key to getting your 4WD unstuck. When being back on the road in as less time as possible becomes important, traction mats like MAXSA Escaper Buddy and MAXTRAX are among the best options to pick from.

We will now take a closer look at both the traction mats and compare them in the end for a better understanding of which mat stands out in what category.

Product Composition Weight All terrain Warranty
Our Best Pick

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Reinforced and Engineered Nylon 7.9 pounds Yes Lifetime

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Polypropylene 8.6 pounds Yes 90 Days

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MAXSA Escaper Buddy

Escaper-Traction-Off-Road-Extraction-20333Check Price


This product is aimed at people who live in areas with more ice and snow. It is a great solution coming at an affordable price. While these work equally well in mud and sand, they’re however more effective when used in snow. For people living in areas with much snow, you should be keeping a note of this traction mat.

These mats are user-friendly, and while you purchase them, you get a set of two. These can be used for either the front tires or the rear tires. They are designed from high impact polypropylene which offers heavy durability while weighing very low.

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Also, this product is user-friendly and makes it easy for first-time owners to use it. It comes with four velcro strips. The upper surface being nondirectional makes the placement of these mats easy as well. However, you cannot use these mats as a bridge because polypropylene is extremely flexible.

What the users think:

First timers have appreciated the mat’s user-friendliness and have expressed that it was pretty easy to setup and use it to get unstuck. However, the veterans of offroading are expressing their concerns over the fact that this mat might not be very durable. Nevertheless, at the given price point, many users have experienced extreme satisfaction.

Pros and Cons:

One of the major upsides of this mat is the fact that it is affordable and is priced lower than other mats coming with similar features. Its user-friendliness and nondirectional surface are its main pros.

As it comes with a limited 90-day warranty only, few users have shown their disbelief and disappointment. Also, this mat flexes more than other mats as well. This might be troublesome in few cases. It also comes with a single color option of orange only.


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It is one of the leaders in the realm of traction mats. Designed and engineering in Australia, this mat has been extensively advertised for roads and adventures in the Australian continent. When a product can fare well in roads, routes and places like those in Australia, it can surely do well in any other part of the world.

As a matter of fact, MAXTRAX is the recommended product for the International 4WD Trainers Association (I4WDTA). It is made from the top grade UV-stabilised reinforced and engineering-grade Nylon. It comes with deep structural beams.

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It is very light in weight, and when compared to the mat mentioned above, MAXTRAX is lighter. Though it does seem to be weak due to it’s lesser weight, it is, however, durable and can bear the weight of a 4WD over a soft ground.

Also, the underside of the ramps can be used to shovel debris around tires and other underbody components of the 4WD and thereby results in getting unstuck more quickly.

While this might not be as user-friendly as MAXSA, it is still easy to use as it comes with sloping rams on both the ends thereby allowing the user to insert the mat beneath the vehicle’s tires easily.

This product can be used by the single person and doesn’t require anyone else to set up and use. Apart from this, it is also an all-terrain mat which can be used in almost every road out there.

What users think:

This mat has been tested time and again ever since the year of 2005 when it was invented. It has successfully emerged to be a reliable and trustworthy product for many avid outdoor enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons:

The fact that this product is a widely known and popular one, it becomes easy to trust it while making a purchase. As it can be set up and used by a single person, it is easier to use and get unstuck. Also, it comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, unlike MAXSA’s 90-day limited warranty.

One of the major downsides of purchasing this mat is the fact that it is relatively more expensive and covers lesser area when compared to the mat mentioned above.

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This table will help in summing up the differences between both the traction mats.


So in this case, we cannot come up with a clear winner. Though these products are serving for solving a common problem, they have their own set of features that benefit a particular user base.

Therefore, when it comes to first-timers and amateurs, MAXSA is a good traction mat to get started with. As it is extremely easy to setup and use, it can be a good choice for small expeditions and camping trips.

However, for veterans who frequently go on outdoor expeditions that are challenging and dangerous, MAXTRAX is a trusted option and must be preferred over MAXSA.

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Though MAXTRAX does seem to be priced higher, it is justified as it comes with a lifetime warranty and has nine colors to pick from.
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