Nike Tanjun Vs Roshe Run

nike tanjun vs roshe

When you’re looking for your next pair of sneakers, the Nike Tanjun and Nike Roshe both have a lot to offer.

There are many similarities between the designs, including minimalism and responsiveness. Both are comfortable to wear. But what are the differences?

How do you know which is best for your wardrobe?

We’ve put together a list of the features found in each shoe.

Comparison Table: Nike Tanjun vs Roshe Run

Product Name Slip-On Lacing System Pull-On Loops Holes in Tongue
#1. Roshe
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No Yes Yes
#2. Tanjun

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Yes No No

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#1. Nike Tanjun

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The Nike Tanjun is a newer line of shoe than the Roshe Run. It’s turning the field of everyday, casual footwear on its head.

In Japanese, “tanjun” means “simplicity.” These sneakers stick to that meaning with their streamlined and simple design.

The goal of the Nike Tanjun is to provide the most comfortable experience possible. The upper is made using diamond-patterned mesh with durable, thin layers of perforated material.

These layers allow fresh air to flow through the toe box with every step you take.

The breathability makes this shoe a go-to option for the spring and summer. If you stand for long hours when you work, these shoes can help support your legs. They’re also good for running and other athletic activities.

The no-sew design of the toe box is supple, and the box is roomy enough for people with bunions. The overall goal of the model is to minimize pain on your pressure points.

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Because there’s a greater range of motion in the toes, wearing the shoes is like going barefoot.

The Tanjun upper has a good deal of collar padding to cushion your ankles, so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable friction or blisters.

The soft interior fabric lining allows your feet comfort without compressing them.

The insole is designed to cushion your feet against shock, so you can run longer distances. Since the insoles are removable, they can be replaced with orthotics as well.

The lacing system is snug while allowing a good degree of flexibility. Because of how simple the laces are, you can simply slip the shoes on and get going.

The Tanjun is much lighter weight than many other shoes on the market, thanks to its combined midsole and sole. The EVA foam construction is light enough that each shoe weighs about half a pound.

The sole tends to get good traction on a variety of surfaces. However, since the soles are made from synthetic material instead of rubber, they tend to lose traction over time.

In addition, the sole is fragile enough that it will wear down quickly if you run often.

#2. Nike Roshe Run

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The Nike Roshe is a decent, affordable shoe. Rather than being full of embellishment, the Roshe employs a minimalist design that can complement nearly any outfit.

The shoes are lightweight enough to make you feel like you’re floating, but the sole isn’t durable enough to stand up to prolonged use.

These shoes are great for people who need to stand or walk for several hours. There’s a fully padded collar that provides protective ankle support.

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The upper is made from breathable, seamless mesh that stretches to accommodate your foot. The interior includes a plush sleeve that wraps your foot.

The removable insole is both comfortable and unique. It has ridges that massage your feet throughout your stride.

With that said, some people may find the ribs a little tough on the feet, especially if you wear the shoes without socks.

The midsole is made from a phylon cushion. Phylon is constructed from pellets of EVA foam. The design molds to the unique curve of your foot, making these shoes responsive enough to deaden the shock from jogging and walking.


The Nike Tanjun and Roshe both have a very similar outward design. They prioritize minimalism and lightweight streamlining. Both shoes come with a no-sew toebox.

Additionally, both shoes use breathable mesh for their uppers.

Both the Roshe and Tanjun have a midsole made with cushioning phylon, which makes them lightweight and absorbs the shock of impact.


The Nike Tanjun is made using seamless fibers, while the Roshe has several stitched panels.

The Tanjun is also slightly more minimalist than the Roshe, since it lacks the reinforced eyelets and holes on the tongue. Some people may find the aesthetic appeal of the Roshe to be better.

Both shoes are comfortable. It’s easier to pull the Roshe on thanks to the two pull-up loops on the design. However, slipping into the Tanjun is simple thanks to the lacing system.

The Roshe has a slightly higher design than the Tanjun, going up just past the ankle. This can offer support, although many runners prefer ankle-high shoes when they run.

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Final Thoughts

The best shoe for you is mainly a matter of preference. Both the Roshe and Tanjun have many similarities in their design and construction. The differences between the two are mostly aesthetic in nature.

For many runners, the Roshe has a greater aesthetic appeal than the Tanjun. There are a few embellishments to the design that make it fashion-forward as well as minimalist.

However, if you truly want the most minimalist shoe available, the Tanjun is a better choice.

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The Roshe comes up to slightly above the ankle, so it may be uncomfortable for some runners. However, if you need adequate ankle support, this shoe definitely has you covered.

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Both shoes are designed with a midsole that cushions the impact from your stride. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that both shoes also have a sole that wears down easily over a short period of time.

If you use them daily for running, you’ll probably need to replace them in about three months.

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