Rtic Softpak 20 Vs 30

RticSoftpak 20 Vs 30

Are you looking for durable yet budget-friendly mid-size cooler for carrying food and drinks to work or on a short trip? If the answer is yes, an RTIC SoftPak could be just what you are looking for. RTIC is one of the leading brands in coolers.

RTIC coolers are well-known for great durability and high insulation power at fairly low prices. These coolers can keep your drinks cold for a much longer time when compared to most of their competitors.

For a compact cooler, you can choose between the RTIC SoftPack 20 and RTIC SoftPack 30. These are among the brand’s best-selling models.TheSoftpak 20 is perfect as a lunch boxto work, to a picnic, or on a weekend getaway.

While it’s great for personal use, its size is enough to also take along a few cans for your friends.

The RTIC 30, on the other hand, is ideal for big parties or camping trips. It can hold up to 30 beverage cans.

You can also bring it with you on your hunting expeditions, as it can keep your game fresh for a couple of days.

We’re going to take a deeper look at the similarities and differences between these two coolers, so you can be able to choose the best one for your needs.

Specs Overview – RTIC Softpak20 vs 30

Product Weight Capacity
#1. RticSoftpak 30
Our Best Pick

Check Price
4.0 lbs. • 30cans
• 22quarts
• 30pounds of ice
• 5.5gallons
#2. RticSoftpak 20

Check Price
3.0 lbs. • 20cans
• 15quarts
• 20pounds of ice
• 3.75gallons
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Key Features – RTIC Softpak 20 vs 30

These features are the same on both models:

  • StayDry Material –100% waterproof material
  • Easy Access Lid – easy to access the cooler content thanks to a wide, flip-top lid.
  • Anti-Microbial Liner – makes the cooler mold-resistant
  • Closed-cell insulation – 1 inch on the sides and 2 inches on top ensures cold stays inside
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Shell – Resistant to puncture and tear

Comparingthe RTIC Softpak 20 and RTIC Softpak 30

The Softpak 20 and 30 are identical in every way but size, as they have more similarities than differences. Let’s explorethe features that make them two of the most sought-after portable coolers:

  • Durability

You may think these coolers are more fragile because they are referred to as soft coolers, but that’s not the case. Both the RTIC Softpak 20 and 30 are covered with a highly durable nylon shell. Besides being puncture and tear resistant, this material can also withstand harsh weather conditions.

  • Ice retention

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a cooler is the duration of ice retention. Both theSoftpak 20 and 30 can keep ice cold for three to five days, thanks to the insulation in the inner lining.

While most of their competitors have just an inch or less of insulation in their lids, the Softpak 20 and 30 boast a full 2 inches of closed-foam insulation.

  • Waterproof

You’ve probably heard people complaining that their coolers leak. You will not experience such problems if you own an RTIC Softpak 20 or 30 cooler.

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These coolers have waterproof zippers designed to hold the contents safely while ensuring they don’t leak. These zippers are durable and you won’t have to replace them for many years.

  • Portability and Convenience

Both the Softpak 20 and 30 come with shoulder straps so you can carry them around with your hands free.

They also have Molle attachments – loops that run vertically across the walls of the coolers and attach to other objects that have Molle-compatible designs.

You can also carry buckled items like helmets by attaching them to these loops.

Moreover, these coolers feature front compartments where you can carry smaller items such as your phones or keys.

  • Size and Capacity

The only differences between Softpak 30 and 20 are the size and capacity. The Softpak30 is much larger and heavier, so you can carry more food and drinks with it than you would with the Softpak 20.

If you are going out camping or boating with several of your friends, the Softpak 30 will make a good choice. It has a 5.5-gallon capacity and can hold about 30 cans of drinks. However, it is a little bulkier when it comes to portability.

The Softpak 20, on the other hand, has a capacity of 3.75 gallons and can hold about 20 cans. If you want to carry some fresh snacks and drinks for a short trip or a picnic with, this cooler is perfect.

Weighing about 3 pounds when empty, the RTIC 20 is lighter and easier to carry around than the RTIC 30.

  • No-Sweat Exterior
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The thick insulation and tough outer nylon walls of both the Softpak 20 and 30 help to keep the outer walls of these coolers dry even in hot weather. You don’t have to worry about your cooler leaking and looking sweaty when you are going out on a hot day.

  • Color choices

Both RTIC Softpak coolers are available in a wide selection of colors, so you can choose your favorite: black, tan, pink, grey, rift blue, seafoam green, blue-grey, steel blue, and kanati camo.

Final Thought

Both the RTIC SoftPack 20 and RTIC SoftPack 30 are great choices. They are durable and affordable. Above all, they have great insulation capability.

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However, we recommend the Softpak 30. While it is a little pricier, it is more versatile thanks to its larger capacity. You can carry a lot more food and drinks in it, making it ideal for multiple-days trips.

However, if you want something more portable and don’t mind the smaller capacity, the Softpak 20 is for you.
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