Stok Gridiron Vs Coleman Roadtrip

stok gridiron vs coleman roadtrip

Why a portable gas grill?

Sometimes our busy lifestyles make it hectic or impossible for us to just fire up the grill whenever we get a craving for a nice juicy steak or a hotdog.

Preparing the grill and then cooking can be time consuming and it’s probably not how you envisioned spending the rest of your downtime once you come home from work.

Especially if you’ve been on your feet all day.

A portable gas grill makes it possible to get things going without having to wait for the briquettes to be ready.

If you’ve prepared your steaks in advance, you can simply fire up the grill either via a match or a push ignition (if your grill has one) and be ready to go in less than 30 minutes.

Today we’ll be looking at the Stok Gridiron and the Coleman Roadtrip.

Both compact grills feature a push button ignition that makes it easy to start without having to hunt down a lighter or a match.

Product Dimensions BTUS Cooking Surface Fuel Source Features
#1. Coleman Roadtrip
Our Best Pick

Check Price
32 x 35 x 19inches 20000 285 square inches LP 1 pound Swaptop interchangeable cooktops, Instastart ignition
#2. Stok Gridiron

Check Price
20.4 x 42.6 x 36 inches 15000 348 square inches LP 1 pound Porecelain coated cast iron grate, Built-In sidetable, Quick Start Electric Igniter

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Stok Gridiron

Stok-Gridiron-Portable-Gas-GrillCheck Price

The first thing you notice about this grill is the compact wheeled design that makes it easy to fold up and slide it into the back of a truck or smaller vehicle without much effort.

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There is a small prep table on the side, but it doesn’t give you much room to work with. In fact, we wouldn’t even really call it a prep table.

It may not be a big deal to you if you have another flat surface that you can use to set your plates of food on, but since we mentioned using this grill to take to picnics or parks, you may not always be so lucky to have a table nearby to set food on.

There is a thermometer built into the lid, but it isn’t very accurate either, so make sure you have your own meat probe to test your food just as a precaution.

The orange lid features a clip on the lid- the clip secures the lid in place from flying open when in the stowed position which could cause the grill grates to slide out onto the floor. Moving it around or storing it is easy with the handle on the side.

When you’re ready to fold it up, just press the petal on the bottom by the wheels and the grill folds up into a compact neat package that’s ready to store in a garage without taking up much room.

Inside the grill, there’s a total of three grill grates that are removable for easy cleaning; two on the sides with a circular one in the middle.

Starting is simple.

Just connect your small propane canister (under the prep table). It screws in and then you can use the handy ignition button and dial to turn on the gas for use.

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When would you use this?

Whenever you want to cook quickly but don’t want to deal with a charcoal grill and deal with preheating (30 or so minutes) or if you’re going on a picnic and don’t want to deal with the public BBQs at the parks where you don’t know how clean they are or what’s been done to them.

The Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Coleman-RoadTrip-Portable-Propane-GrillCheck Price

Compared to the Stok Gridiron, the Coleman grill looks more sophisticated in appearances. The prep tables on each slide can slide out and you’ll get more prep space compared to the Stok grill, but not as much as you would with a regular sized BBQ.

Again, compactness and portability were the biggest priorities for this grill, so you must make some sacrifices to achieve those things.

There are handles on each side that you can carry it with or roll it around on its wheels. Size wise, it’s perfect for tossing into the back of a car or truck for spur of the moment picnics- just make sure you lock the lid, so it doesn’t pop open.

There is no built-in thermometer but that’s okay since we usually opt to use our own for accuracy and safety.

Aside from that, we don’t really have any issues with this grill.

Stability wise, the grill seems stable so long as you have it on level ground. Placing it on uneven surfaces will cause it to topple over or even roll away, but that’s to be expected.

Like the Stok grill, it comes prepared to use the pint size propane tanks already, but it is possible to pick up an adapter house separately if you want to use it with regular sized propane tanks.

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When would you use it?

Picnics, camping or just regular grilling (with the adapter piece for larger propane tanks) as well.

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Which one would we pick?

The Stok Gridiron is a decent choice if you’re on a budget, but it seems flimsy in comparison to the Coleman Roadtrip grill.

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We’re firm believers that you get what you pay for and don’t like the idea of having to spend money on the same thing twice, so we’d rather just go for the Coleman because of the better-quality design.

The fact it has more of a prep space to work with and can easily be used as a regular sized grill with the propane tank adapter kit (offered separately).
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