Weeride Co Pilot Vs Pro Pilot Review: Which Is Right For You?

weeride co pilot vs propilot

If you’re like me, you’re dreading the day when your child finally decides they want to learn how to ride a bike but they’re still not capable of controlling their very own bike just yet.

When we were younger, your parents probably threw you onto your own little bike and coached you from the driveway of your childhood home. While some may still be able to do that, there may be advantages to using a bike trailer to teach your kids how to ride their first bike.

  • They can learn how to balance themselves with your help without crouching over them the whole time.
  • They can go for bike rides with you and enjoy them without the stress or worry of them suddenly veering off into traffic.
  • And if they happen to get tired and don’t feel like pedaling anymore, there’s no more worrying about how to get a child plus their bike and your own bike home all at once.

It’s a win-win situation.

Not all bike trailers are built the same, but we decided to focus on the Weeride Co Pilot and Pro Pilot for this review because they both come highly rated on Amazon.

Product Capacity Materials Features
#1. Weeride Pro Pilot
Our Best Pick

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75lbs for ages 4-9 Aluminum Frame Quick Folding Hinge for easy assembly and storage, Safety Flag, Handles, Seat, Pedal system
#2. Weeride Co Pilot
75lbs for ages 4-9 Steel Frame Quick Release Detachment System, Safety Flag, Handles, Seat, Pedal system

Wee Ride Co Pilot

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This bike trailer resembles an almost-complete child’s bike except for the missing front wheel. The rear wheel is completely functional and includes the entire pedal and chain gear system that you would expect in a bike. This pedal feature allows them to either help their mom or dad pedal or they can just coast along while adult does most of the work.

Attaching it to your favorite bike is simple.

It attaches right below the seat of the adult’s bike and it requires little to no adjustment of the seat for you to still be comfortable while pedaling.

If you want to go for a ride by yourself, detaching the bike trailer is just as simple as attaching, but you will need both hands to do so.

Safety is important, so while your child may be decked out in all the safety garb and you’ve done everything you can to make them and yourself visible, there’s still always the off chance that someone may not see your kid.

The Copilot comes with a visibility flag that attaches at the back of the bike trailer and extends up vertically so that a flag is visible to drivers in low to moderate height vehicles.

Weeride Pro Pilot

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With the Weeride Pro Pilot, you get the same exact assembly except for color and the entire bike trailer is made from an aluminum frame instead of a steel frame.

This means the bike trailer will be lighter compared to the Co Pilot which will count towards your stamina if you’re going to be the one doing most of the pedaling.

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Additionally, while the Weeride Co Pilot will attach to nearly any adult bike out there, the Pro Pilot is geared more towards most adult mountain bikes.

So, keep that in mind…

Weeride Co Pilot Vs Pro Pilot: Our Verdict

Which one would we recommend?

We like the fact that the Pro Pilot is lighter but built with the same attention to detail and quality as the Co Pilot.

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If we had a mountain bike with a seating system that made attaching most bicycle attachments difficult or impossible, we’d probably stick with the Pro Pilot since it seems geared towards these bikes.

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In addition to all of that, you get the same features as the Co Pilot like the safety flag, the same handle bars, and bike pedal setup. You’re not missing out on anything except where colors are concerned. The Co Pilot offers three colors to choose from: green, pink, and white.

So, if your child is particular about a color, then that might prove to be a small hiccup.

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